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Kentucky Hospital Association Honors David Anderson and Jerry Penner

May 20, 2022

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LOUISVILLE, KY – (May 19, 2022) The Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) presented several awards on May 18 at the 93rd Annual KHA Convention. This year’s event was held at the newly renovated Galt House Hotel in downtown Louisville.

KHA’s Award of Excellence was presented to David Anderson, chief executive officer of Jackson Purchase Medical Center in Mayfield, Kentucky, and Jerome Penner, FACHE, chief executive officer of Murray-Calloway County Hospital in Murray, Kentucky.

KHA’s Award of Excellence is a prestigious award given to individuals who have made significant contributions to health care in Kentucky. Anderson and Penner were honored for their leadership as their hospitals worked together to provide care for victims after the December 10, 2021, tornado in western Kentucky.

When the tornado hit Mayfield, Jackson Purchase Medical Center did not sustain much damage compared to the heart of the town. However, with so many people in the direct path of the storm needing immediate medical care, many other area health care providers like Murray-Calloway Country Hospital had to leap into action to help their neighbors in trouble. Within moments of the tornado touchdown, Penner reached out to Anderson to offer help. As a result, Murray-Calloway County Hospital was able to take care of several tornado victims.

The two CEOs coordinated their response to the disaster, and thanks to the leadership and collaborative efforts of Anderson and Penner, many lives were saved that day.

As they received the award, both Anderson and Penner accepted on behalf of their entire hospitals’ staff members and clinical teams pointing out it took the commitment of the full team to successfully respond in this emergency. The two also thanked EMS and first responders for their quick response to those in need. Anderson continued his thanks expressing his gratitude to the hospital community for their support and noted, “We will rebuild not just Mayfield, but all of the commonwealth impacted by this devastating storm.”

About the Kentucky Hospital Association: KHA was established in 1929. The Association represents hospitals, related health care organizations, and integrated health care systems dedicated to sustaining and improving the health status of the citizens of Kentucky. The Association is headquartered in Louisville.

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