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Local Murray Group of Seamstresses Donate Fabric Masks to MCCH

May 7, 2020

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Murray-Calloway County Hospital recently received a donation of more than 300 fabric masks along with headbands to be used by employees at MCCH. Corrie Johnson of Murray organized a team of more than 30 local seamstresses who worked together to donate masks to needed businesses and healthcare organizations in our area.

The operation grew so fast they began utilizing a facility offered by Playhouse in the Park where they could collect their materials and distribute. This group has distributed more than 2,700 masks to places including MCCH, Primary Care Medical Center and dialysis center, as well as multiple hospitals in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana.

“I’m fundamentally opposed to panic. I’d rather get to work and find a solution to known problems. There’s a lot about Covid-19 that we can’t fix, but we can do something about closing a known deficit of masks. I said, “Let’s sew a thousand.” Our team has turned out 2,700…and they’re not stopping anytime soon.  Half or more of these people I’ve met and worked with only seeing them masked. I can’t wait to see their smiles, because they have to be the most beautiful, selfless, kind people I’ve ever met. I’m so glad they took me in, Corrie commented.”

Corrie was influenced by her husband, Nick, who is an RN in the surgery department at MCCH and thus began coordinating mask production after she saw the need.

“This group has been so appreciated by our employees, we were able to provide fabric masks to our staff that are not in direct patient contact but required to wear a mask and headbands for those employees wearing masks continuously that protect the ears. Corrie is also delivering additional disposable masks for us this week to give to patients that do not have one when they enter the facility,” said Melony Morgan, Director of Planning and Marketing.

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