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Massey Named February Employee of the Month at MCCH

March 24, 2022

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Murray-Calloway County Hospital recently named Brandy Massey as the February 2022 Employee of the Month. Massey is a Nursing Assistant in the Progressive Care Unit (PCU). She has been caring for patients at MCCH since February 2020.

Comments from a fellow employee:

Brandy goes above and beyond with her care towards patients. Not only does she do the standard car expected of a CNA, she is always willing to help any fellow staff member no matter their profession. I have witnessed her not only assisting with cleaning, dressing, and washing patients, but also assisting with ventilator patients in the CCU and having EKGs completed with print outs ready and waiting for providers as soon as they walk in the building. She also takes the time to learn about all of the equipment that is in use with her patients and asks questions about how an oxygen mask works or what alarms she should watch out for to contact Respiratory. Often times improving the patient’s speed of care by knowing when it is necessary to call Respiratory STAT or inform that a non-emergent alarm is sounding that can be fixed once our other patients are stable. Brandy is an asset to this hospital and a staple to night shift. That is what qualifies her to receive employee of the month.

Left to Right: Whitney Riddle, RN, Jeff Eye, Chief Nursing Officer, Scarlet Barnett, Director of CCU, PCU and the Emergency Department, Davy Vincent, RN, Brandy Massey, Nursing Assistant, Jerry Penner, CEO and Veronica Milburn, RN.

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