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Murray-Calloway County Hospital Begins Adminstering Second Dose of Vaccine to Employees

January 21, 2021

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Murray-Calloway County Hospital begins giving second doses of the
COVID-19 vaccine to MCCH employees who have already received their first dose. Meet Sarah Goad, RN, who works on 5 South – the Covid Floor at MCCH. She describes the importance of receiving the vaccine for her personally.

“I was very ready to get the second dose for many reasons and am hoping the vaccine will stop the spread and we can slow it down.

I have a sister, mom, and father-in-law that are all immunocompromised. I also have a 5 yr. old special needs daughter who is nonverbal and would not be able to tell me if she was hurting or having a hard time. I just have to go off of her cues.

People still don’t realize until it’s their loved ones that have been in the hospital for a while how serious it is. I don’t want to lose more patients either – it’s taking a toll on me and all of us.

However, I’m very lucky to work with the ones I do – I’ve worked here for 4 years and have worked directly with the Covid patients since the pandemic began.  

Our Covid team has gone above and beyond. It’s a bond we don’t get to necessarily have with other patients because we spend a lot more time with them – whether they’re scared or getting ready to go on the vent, we’re there to care for them and hold their hand,” said Sarah, RN.

In accordance with the Kentucky COVID 19 Vaccination Plan, we will continue to keep the public informed on any updates as to when the vaccine is approved and available to give to other members of the community. If you should have any questions regarding the vaccine, please use the COVID-19 Hotline below.

The COVID-19 Hotline (800) 722-5725 can answer general COVID-19 vaccine questions.

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