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Murray-Calloway County Hospital Offers Comfortor1 for Patients

January 20, 2023

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MURRAY, KY – Murray-Calloway County Hospital has recently started the ComfortOR1 patient notification service. This service allows patients the comfort of knowing where their loved one is during the surgical procedure. This service works with the family member to authenticate the cell phone that will be used for communication during the patient’s procedure. The process of authenticating a contact cell phone and email are necessary to help prevent sending personal health information to unintended recipients. ComfortOR1 has made the authentication process simple and immediate.

With each patient contact that is included, an authentication message will be sent to the cell phone number provided. The recipient MUST respond with they are willing to accept message from this hospital. A colored indication appears within the Contact box on the left of the Notify screen that will be either orange (authentication needs to be sent), Green (authentication accepted), or Red (authentication rejected).

Following the acceptance process, a DETAILS link appears on the right of the screen. The details section will confirm the contacts information and information such as the following:

  • The patient is falling asleep now and the surgery is about to begin.
  • The surgery has begun. This procedure should take about an hour or so.
  • We have completed the surgery and everything went well. I will be in the waiting room shortly to sit with you.

This service is a great communication method between the family members and the surgical team and provides comfort to the patient’s family during the stress of a procedure.

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